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Kitty-burrito-towel, the kitty burrito (also known as a towel wrap or scarf wrap) is a simple, effective, yet gentle technique to retrain your cat should they object to whatever it is you need to do to them. the most common uses at home are for nail clipping and giving medication, but might also be grooming or washing if they get dirty.. The kitty burrito technique. we found that wrapping the cat in a towel prior to pilling makes the process much easier. we refer to the “cat in towel” combination as a “kitty burrito”, because they look like a flurry faced burrito., how to make a kitty burrito give cats a better practice experience by using a towel wrap. use these steps to safely wrap and restrain a cat for treatment..

How to make a kitten burrito. this may look a little silly, but it's an effective (and adorable) way to help a scared feral kitten adjust to human contact., dr. sophia yin was a world renowned veterinary behaviorist and the author of low stress: handling, restraint and behavior modifications of dogs and cats. she said that it is normal for cats to react with fear and stress when restrained due to their evolutionary history as a prey species..

Please note this is just a request for an appointment. if this is an emergency, or your pet is sick, call our office now at 717-477-8938. if you have not received a phone call from our office confirming an appointment within 24 hours of a request, please call our office., the cat is now rolled in a towel but, if she is determined, she could wriggle out backwards. the final, or "burrito" fold, involves tucking the width of the towel dangling behind her, under the body. this is as simple as it sounds: simply lift up her wrapped rear end and tuck the dangling tail of fabric beneath her..

The "scarf wrap" technique is a great way to towel a cat. when you need to trim your feline’s nails or give her medication, there’s a common household item that can make the procedure go much more smoothly — a large bath towel. "wrapping your cat in a towel is a great way to protect yourself from claws," saiddr., trimming tiny kitten nails! | how to cut claws on a young kitten, part 1 - duration: 9:30. love these cats 58,265 views.

The "burrito" technique is swaddling your cat in something soft in order to sooth it or calm it down. here, jackson wants to see jen use the technique on xena who has gotten out of control!