Deep-frying-bone-in-turkey-breast-instructions, combine sea salt, red pepper flakes, black pepper, granulated garlic, and chili powder in a plastic container with lid. seal container and shake until seasonings are well mixed. rub entire batch of spice mixture over turkey breast to coat completely; wrap breast in aluminum foil and refrigerate for 24 hours. remove breast from fridge and let .... A rich carbonara sauce adds a tasty twist to crispy, crunchy fried rice. homemade funnel cakes 01:00. bring the carnival home with this classic deep-fried dessert. 1 - 3 of 6 videos., deep fried turkey breast what a great way to have turkey for the holidays or anytime that tastes fabulous and easy to prepare! taylor topp usa. 20 mins ingredients. 12 servings turkey 1 amount of peanut or vegetable oil for deep fryer, 1 cup flour 1 tsp ....

Place turkey, breast side up, in the deep-fryer basket. slowly lower basket into hot oil. try turkey about 30 minutes (or 3 minutes per pound), maintaining oil temperature as close to 350°f as possible. remove turkey from hot oil and insert a meat thermometer into the meaty part of the thigh. aim for a meat temperature of 180°f., if you want to experiment with deep fried turkey this is a great recipe to start out with. you won't need all the oil or commitment for a 3 or 4-pound turkey breast, but will still have a great fried turkey.on the plus side, you can prepare this dish any time of the year and not only for special occasions like thanksgiving..

Deep frying turkey isn’t just for thanksgiving! check out how masterbuilt's john mclemore and chef tony seta deep fry a bone-in turkey breast perfect for a week night meal., put the fried flavor you love on your next sandwich with our oil-browned deep fried turkey breast. all of our whole turkey (fresh and frozen), boneless roasts, and bone-in breasts are available in all major retailers across the country. please be sure to check with the store manager if you do not find the item or specific size you’re looking for..

According to butterball, it takes three to four minutes per pound to deep fry a turkey breast. use a thermometer to check the internal temperature before eating. white meat, such as the breast, requires an internal temperature of no less than 165 to 170 degrees fahrenheit for safe consumption. completely thaw the turkey breast before cooking., not so fast my friend. well intentioned help, no doubt, but frying a bone-in turkey breast takes way longer than 3 minutes per pound. it's true that 3-4 minutes per pound would work for a whole turkey (though some experienced cooks say to use that formula plus five minutes), but sticking with three minutes per pound will yield a grossly undercooked turkey breast.